Uganda Nurses and  and Midwives Council

Data Request Form

For anyone or stakeholder in need of the Nursing and Midwifery Data

 Please read through this;

Note on data structure:

The Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council collects data on behalf of the Ministry of Health. This data is used for planning, policy and research purposes. The data is generated from nurses and midwives as part of registration, enrollment and licensure process. .

The data structure is set in such a way that it meets the Ministry of Health requirements as the first consumer. Each nurse’s or midwife’s statistical data included cadre, gender, employment record (practice are geographic area of practice), date of the practicing license acquisition as a nurse or midwife and reason for exit both from the country and nursing and midwifery profession (if applicable).

The reasons for this form is to enable the Council clearly understand why where and how its data is used for.

Due to the data structure, certain questions may not be able to be answered or may require lengthy data analysis.

Please note that the Council may not be able to provide details of nurses and midwives in practice and out of practicing.

For individual data, the Registrar Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council can be conducted directed in writing to P. O Box 4046, Kampala, or email to the Registrar on  or

All data provided will be general without individual inclination. This is to ensure safety and confidentiality of nurses’ and midwives’ data. .

Disclaimer:This data request form has been designed by the Council to ensure accurate use of nurses and Midwives data and also to enable the council fast track the data.

The Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council endeavors to provide the best quality response to your data request. All data provided will be as accurate as possible as at the date of its extract from the Register and Roll (database)

UNMC-Data Request Form